Capt. Abdul Hafeedh Al Balushi is a commercial pilot and educated in the UK, Hong Kong, USA, India, Sri Lanka, Philippine, Sultanate of Oman. He is also a Senior Professional International Specialist Business Development & Strategic Corporate Sales & Marketing, Leadership Management and had done MBA in International Trade Management. He came with an idea of having a platform where everyone can read and share anything about coronavirus with millions of  people worldwide.

Mission Statement:

We are focusing on saving our world from Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic before its adversity effects. We are aimed to spread awareness about this virus among masses of the world as most of us know the fatal consequences of this pandemic but not acting accordingly. We have to take China, UK, India, Pakistan, Africa, Italy, Spain, USA, Germany, Iran, South Korea, and GCC countries as major examples and reconsider our concern about this fatal virus if we decide to under-estimate its wide and exponential spread. This is the right time to act wisely otherwise it may cause irreversible and unbearable loss.

We also look forward to people joining hands with us as volunteers and sponsors to fight together.

Certificates From The World Health Organization

Achievement award certificates of coronavirus COVID 19